1999 KME/Freightliner

The Tarkington VFD purchased this unit in December 1999 and it was delivered on February 4, 2000.  The first new truck the department has purchased in nearly twenty years, it replaced the 1968 Diamond Rio as the primary engine. In addition to carrying firefighting equipment, this unit also houses the vehicle extrication tools, the famed "Jaws of Life".

The specs are as follows:

Chassis Manufacturer: Freightliner
Chassis Model: FL-80
Firebody Manufacturer: KME
Pump Type: Midship
Pump Size: 1250 GPM
Tank Size: 1000 gallons
Engine Manufacturer: Cummins
Engine Type: Turbocharged diesel; Inline 6
Horsepower: 330
Transmission Manufacturer: Allison
Transmission Type 5 speed automatic

Engine 54 was recently upgraded with the addition of thermal imaging camera and a light tower. The thermal imaging camera allows firefighters to see through the choking smoke of a house fire and locate trapped victims. It provides an element of safety for firefighters as they now can see obstacles such as furniture and walls that would have been hidden to them before.

The light tower extends eight feet above the roof of the truck and provides 4000 watts of light. The light can rotate 360 degrees and can tilt down to parallel with the ground. The ability to see well is essential on any emergency scene and this light tower will assist firefighters in doing their job quickly and safely.