Sunday, April 16th- At app. 2:20, Tarkington firefighers were dispatched to a fully-involved double-wide mobile home fire on CR2274 (Rural Shade Road). TVFD responded with Engine 54 with three firefighters, Tanker 57 with one firefighter, Rescue 51 with one firefighter to find app. 80% of the structure on fire. Cleveland VFD and Splendora VFD were called for mutual aid. No one was home at the time of the fire.

Saturday, April 15th- At app. 13:00, Tarkington VFD was called to set up a LZ for PHI SkyMed on FM2518 at FM787. TVFD responded with Engine 53 with three firefighters and Booster 55 with two firefighters.
Friday, April 14th- TVFD was dispatched to a brush fire on CR2321 at app. 20:30. TVFD responded with Booster 55 with two firefighters and Tanker 57 with two firefighters.
Thursday, April 13th- At app. 6:05, Tarkington firefighters were called to a MVA on SH321 near CR308. TVFD responded with Unit 501, Engine 54 with three firefighters, Rescue 51 with one firefighter, and Unit 510 to find a Ford Escort had struck a Dodge pickup in the side.

Sunday, April 9th- At app. 3:50, TVFD was dispatched to set up a LZ for PHI SkyMed at Tarkington High School. TVFD responded with Unit 501 and Engine 54 with one firefighter.
At app. 22:05, Tarkington firefighters were dispatched to a report of a power pole on fire on SH105 at CR2250. TVFD responded with Unit 502, Unit 508, Unit 504, and Booster 55 with two firefighters to find the fire to be in a hollow tree being monitored by the landowner.
Saturday, April 8th- At app. 13:15, Tarkington First Responders were dispatched to a possible heart attack on CR2184. TVFD responded with Rescue 51 with two firefighters.