Wednesday, April 26th- At app. 3:20, Tarkington firefighters were called to a report of a fire alarm at Tarkington High School. All units were disregarded prior to going enroute.
Tuesday, April 25th- At app. 9:20, TVFD was dispatched to assist both Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Department of Public Safety with traffic at the intersection of SH321 and SH105. TVFD responded with Booster 55.
Sunday, April 23rd- At app: 15:20, TVFD was dispatched to a grass fire on FM787 app. one mile west of FM2518. TVFD responded with Booster 55 with one firefighter, Tanker 57 with one firefighter, and Booster 52 with one firefighter.
Saturday, April 22nd- At app. 11:30, Tarkington VFD was dispatched to set up a LZ for PHI SkyMed at FM787 and FM2518. TVFD responded with Rescue 51 with one firefighter and Engine 54 with three firefighters.
Tuesday, April 18th- At app. 9:50, Tarkington First Responders were dispatched to FM2518 near CR2211 for a 62-year old male having chest pains. TVFD responded with Rescue 51 with two firefighters.
At app. 21:15, Tarkington firefighters were dispatched to a mobile home fire on CR2180. TVFD responded with Unit 501, Unit 504, Engine 54 with five firefighters, Tanker 57with one firefighter, and Rescue 51 with one firefighter to find light smoke coming from a single-wide mobile home. Tarkington firefighters were able to confine the fire to the room of origin.

At app. 22:50, TVFD was dispatched to a report of another structure fire on CR308. Since TVFD units were just clearing the scene of the CR2180 structure fire, mutual aid was requested from Cleveland VFD, which responded with a pumper and a tanker, while TVFD also responded Unit 501, Unit 503, Engine 54 with four firefighters, Tanker 57with two firefighters, and Rescue 51 with one firefighter. The fire turned out to be a trash fire.
Monday, April 17th- At app. 18:20, Tarkington First Responders were called to their own station as one of the TVFD firefighters had collapsed. City of Cleveland EMS also responded and the firefighter was flown by PHI SkyMed to a Houston hospital. Tarkington firefighters setup the LZ on SH321 in front of the station using Engine 54, Tanker 57, and Booster 55.
At app. 16:40, Tarkington First Responders were called to assist a 67-year old female on CR2178. TVFD responded with Rescue 51 with two firefighters.