Monday, May 15th- At app. 13:10, TVFD was dispatched to a MVA on SH105 at the Trinity River Bridge. TVFD responded with Unit 504, Engine 54 with two firefighters, and Booster 55 with one firefighter to find a Porsche Boxster had been involved in a head-on collision with a log truck, killing the driver of the Porsche and rolling the log truck onto its side. A third vehicle sustained minor damage. Tarkington firefighters extricated the driver of the Porsche, then stayed on location for over four hours while the wreck was investigated and cleared.

Saturday, May 13th- Shortly before midnight, Tarkington firefighters were dispatched to a MVA on SH321 just north of CR306. TVFD responded with Unit 501 and Engine 54 with four firefighters.