Wednesday, May 24th- At app. 10:00, TVFD was dispatched to a MVA on SH321 at CR2247. TVFD responded with Booster 55 with one firefighter and Tanker 57 with one firefighter to find that a Dodge pickup had struck the side of a 18-wheeler, rupturing the semi's fuel tanks and spilling diesel fuel along app. 250 yards of the roadway. Cleveland VFD was dispatched for mutual aid in cleaning up the mess, which shut down the roadway for three hours and had traffic backed up to Washington Street in Cleveland.

Tuesday, May 23rd- At app. 18:00, Tarkington firefighters were called to extinguish a brush fire on SH321 just north of CR301S. TVFD responded with Unit 501, Booster 55 with two firefighters, and Tanker 57 with one firefighter.
Sunday, May 21st- At app. 17:10, TVFD was dispatched to a reported MVA on SH105 app. three miles east of FM2518. TVFD responded with Unit 502 and Unit 504 to find two vehicles involved with minor injuries.