Thursday, March 8th - At app. 00:40, Tarkington firefighters were called to a report of an unknown fire on CR2285 somewhere in the vicinity of CR2286. Unit 502 responded to find a structure fire near CR2285 and CR2281. Engine 51 with five firefighters, Tanker 51 with Unit 501 and one firefighter, and Tanker 57 with Unit 504 and one firefighter responded. Shortly thereafter, it became apparent that the fire involved a fatality and Liberty County Sheriff's Office was contacted to investigate. Tarkington firefighters stayed on location till app. 4:30 while the cause was investigated and to assist with removal of the victim.

Sunday, March 4th - At app. 3:40, Tarkington VFD was dispatched to a report of a MVA on FM2518 app. one-mile north of SH105. TVFD responded with Unit 502, Engine 51 with three firefighters, and Engine 52 with Unit 504, Unit 505, and one firefighter to find a Ford Taurus overturned in the ditch.

At app. 15:20, TVFD was dispatched to a report of a brush fire threatening a structure on FM1008. TVFD responded with Unit 501, Booster 51 with Unit 503 and one firefighter, Tanker 51 with Unit 502 and one firefighter, and Engine 52 with Unit 505 and two firefighters.