Saturday, March 31st - At app. 2:30, Tarkington VFD was dispatched to a report of a MVA on SH321 app. 1-1/2 miles south of CR2274. TVFD responded with Unit 502 and Engine 51 with Unit 504, Unit 505, and two firefighters to find a single vehicle in the ditch with no occupant. The driver was located by CoCEMS walking down the road and returned to the scene by Texas DPS troopers.
At app. 16:55, TVFD was dispatched to assist Cleveland FD with a MVA on FM1010 at CR331 and to setup a LZ at Cleveland PD helipad. Squad 51 with two EMTs responded to the accident scene while Engine 52 with Unit 502 and three firefighters responded to the helipad.
Friday, March 30th - At app. 0:20, Tarkington firefighters were disptached to mutual aid North Liberty County VFD by providing a tanker for a structure fire in New River Lake Estates. TVFD responded with Tanker 51 with two firefighters.
At app. 4:00, Tarkington First Resonders were dispatched for a report of female with a broken leg on SH321 near CR314. TVFD responded with Squad 51 with one medic.
Wednesday, March 21st - At app. 6:20, TVFD was dispatched to a report of a MVA on SH321 at CR312. TVFD responded with Unit 501, Unit 504, and Engine 51 with four firefighters.
Monday, March 19th - At app. 14:55, Tarkington firefighters were dispatched to a report of a person trapped in the elevator at Tarkington High School. TVFD responded with Engine 51 with Unit 501 and one firefighter to find the subject had gotten out just prior to arrival.
At app. 16:15, TVFD was dispatched to a report of a MVA on SH321 at CR316. TVFD responded with Unit 504, Engine 51 with Unit 501 and four firefighters and Booster 51 with Unit 502 to find two-vehicles involved, both with heavy damage. One driver was transported to the helipad at Cleveland Police Department to be taken by PHI SkyMed helicopter to a Houston-area hospital.

Saturday, March 17th - At app. 14:45, TVFD was dispatched to a report of an overturned canoe on the Trinity River at SH105. TVFD responded with Booster 51 with two firefighters and Squad 51 with Unit 505 and three firefighters and towing the Rescue Boat.
Sunday, March 11th - At app. 14:20, TVFD was dispatched to a report of a brush fire on CR2900 in Sam Houston Lake Estates. As Booster 51 with Unit 502 and Unit 503 and Tanker 51 with two firefighters responded, dispatch advised that the fire had already spread to two abandoned structures and was threatening a third. Tanker 57 with two firefighters, Booster 52 with Unit 504 and one firefighter, and Squad 51 with Unit 505 responded to assist. The fire burned app. one acre and three abandoned structures before TVFD could bring it under control.