Commonly Used Terms

MVA, 10-50- A Motor Vehicle Accident, that is an accident involving a collision between some type of automobile or tractor-trailer.

LZ- Landing Zone for a medical helicopter such as LifeFlight or SkyMed. TVFD responds to set up flashing beacons (night) or orange cones (day) to mark the LZ, as well as wet down the roadway to prevent dust and debris from being kicked up by the helicopters rotors and to make the landing zone more visible from the air (wetting the ground creates a reflective surface at night and a dark spot during the day, both easily visible from the helicopter). TVFD also has a manned, charged lined available during landing and take-off should something occur.

SCBA- Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, the "air-packs" that firefighters wear when fighting most structure, vehicle, and haz-mat fires. These contain filtered breathing air (not oxygen) compressed to app. 4500 PSI.

Haz-Mat- A Hazardous Materials situation, whether fire, spill, or release.

PPE- Personal Protective Equipment, a firefighter's "bunker gear," or structural firefighting gear, comprising his/her coat, pants, boots, helmet, hood, and gloves.

PPV- Positive Pressure Ventilation fan. Used to remove smoke and other toxic gases from a building by blowing fresh air into the building.

smoke ejector- a negative pressure ventilation fan, which sucks smoke from a building and ejects it outside. These are not as efficient as PPV fans.

vehicle extrication tools- often called the "Jaws of Life" (a trademark of Hurst), these tools are used to remove a trapped victim from their vehicle by removing either the doors, roof, steering column, or whatever else may be be in the way. TVFD's vehicle extrication tools were manufactured by TNT.

mutual aid- where one fire department provides assistance to another with manpower or equipment.

DOA- Dead On Arrival, a patient that is either dead upon arrival of medical personal at the location or dead upon arrival at the hospital.