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Tarkington Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1974 to provide fire protection to the citizens of Tarkington.  In the early years, the fire trucks were old converted gasoline tankers and were stored in various members' garages and shops.  From those humble beginnings, the Tarkington VFD has evolved into one of the top fire departments in Liberty County.  Equipment consists of a 2011 Ford brush truck, 2001 Ford brush truck, 1999 KME/Freightliner 1250 gpm pumper, 2007 Dodge first responder vehicle, a 2006 Kenworth 3000 gallon tanker, a 1986 Ford 2500 gallon tanker, and a 1982 American LaFrance pumper.  All these are housed in the department's two stations. The central station is located six miles south of Cleveland, Texas on SH 321, while the FM787 sub-statioin is located on FM787 app. 1/2 mile east of FM2518. TVFD owns property on FM1008 app. one mile east of SH321, and there are plans to place a third station on that property.

Tarkington VFD is currently one of the top fire departments in Liberty County, consistently placing in the top three in terms of training hours as recorded by the Texas Engineering Extension Service Fire Protection Training Division.  TVFD annually sends both instructors and/or students to the Texas Firemen's Training School, the Livingston Fire Training School, and the Beaumont Fire Training School, as well as many other training courses.  Several firefighters are certified not only as professional firefighters, but also as emergency medical technicians.

Tarkington is a predominately rural community 50 miles northeast of Houston, Texas.  The population is roughly 8,000 spread over 225 square miles.  The department's funding comes from four main sources: Liberty County pays the department on a per run basis of $200 to $450 per call, which makes up about 50% of the budget. TVFD also bills insurance companies for certain types of calls in order to re-coup some of the expenses. The third source is the $2 per month some customers of the Tarkington SUD voluntarily add to their bills to support the Fire Department. The rest comes from donations and fund raisers, for a total budget of approximately $150,000.



Current Officers:
Assistant Chief Ben Burnett
Secretary-Treasurer Kirsten Corley
Captain Jason Ward
Captain Logan Ward

Rachel Arnold
Matt Boyce
Rex Evans
Rayeleen Gregory
Nolan "Bo" Herndon
Jason Long
Kira Long
Derek Mathews
Edward Craig Michael
Ricardo "Rick" Rentaria
James Strader
Emily Ward
Leah Ward
Ray Worsham

Honorary/Reserve Members:
Cecil Barnett
Mike Bortz
Doug Castleberry
Albert Crawford
Evert Doucette
Donald Edwards
Dalton Laffie Gregory
Dalton Lee Gregory
Nat Holcomb
Tony Padar
Ron Taylor

If you wish to donate, please mail these to:
Tarkington VFD
22353 Hwy 321
Cleveland, Texas  77327

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e-mail at tarkingtonvfd@yahoo.com

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